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"Well, no one can blame you for thinking that…" Marsi leaned back, shuffling the papers in her hands and turning to face the stranger. "But… it looks like the police aren’t sure how he died.” Marsi stood by the newsstand, frowning at the front page, and the sight of a covered corpse on the front of the local newspaper. It was a strange scene. “I hope he wasn’t lurking, though.” She turned to the stranger beside, smiling briefly. The counselor only just finished adding her own flyers to the rack beside the stand. “A stampede of girls who don’t remember doesn’t seem likely… maybe some wild frat prank gone wrong?”

He blinked slowly, once, twice, before rolling his eyes up to the Heaven above in annoyance. Falling back on his heels, the trickster fished a candy bar out of his pocket and tore the wrapping off with his teeth. “Well,” he unwrapped the bar halfway down before glancing up at the woman, “when they find him with binoculars and a camera outside their door, what else are you gonna think. And knowing college girls,” —and he knew college girls, thank you very much, he thought, echoing it with a wiggle of his eyebrows. “There’d be a lot more screaming if frat boys turned up uninvited in their house.”


She’d already heard him thud onto her roof, and wasn’t surprised at all. Pulling a pair of yoga pants on instead - she wasn’t about to risk another good pair of jeans on the stupid archangel - she sauntered downstairs and out the door, letting her dogs follow her out. “Out. Street’s in that direction.”

He set cross-legged in the middle of her flower patch, his lips forming an almost comically big pout of protest. “Is this how you treat all your guest. Tsk.” He shook his head sadly before looking back at her. His expression — dead serious if not for the lifted right corner of his lips. “No wonder everyone just up and leaves you, Rubes. You have no manners.”

Make Me ChooseAngels vs. Demons (asked by anonymous)

"God wants you to have freedom." (+ meaning of their names)

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"There is no stick up my ass, but it was actually covered just now?" She called back, not bothering to turn around before she found a quiet alley with no passersby or lurkers. She was home in the next second and rummaging through her drawers for a new pair of jeans.

Hewaited a second or two before zapping after her and landing on her roof. With an ‘unf’ he started tumbling downwards until a yell erupted from his chest and he landed face first into her garden. He picked himself up the next second. “We were in a middle of a conversation here, Hellspawn!” He called out to here, wherever in the house she was.

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"No." She turned around and stomped off to a quiet place so that she could flash herself home and find some new pants to change into.

"Who put a stick up your ass." He mock pouted, tilting his head to the side as she turned to leave. "You know I hate to see you go, but I love watching you leave in those short shorts — wheew."

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"For fuck’s sake, you teenage hormonal brat. Just give me my jeans back, you’ve had a good long look now."

"Huh I think you and I remember Grease differently because that’s not how the song goes. Try again.”

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"See, what we’re talking about here was a text book example of an asshole asking for it. You can’t exactly blame me he got stomped to death by sorority girls when he was the one lurking outside their house at two am
                                    And if those sisters just happened to disappear as fast
                                     as fast as they appeared, well, stranger things have happened.”

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"Yes, yes, Gabe, it pretty much is."

"Summer lovin’ happened so fast~" He sang under his breath before yanking the blanket off her legs.

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"You want my pie? That’s asking a lot.” Of course, he’s just messing around and knows better than to deny a friggin archangel anything, especially one who saved his ass and he waves to the waitress for another beer and slice of pie.

"Good to see you’re still alive."

"Really?" He slides easily into the seat opposite of him, eyebrow arched up only slightly in question. "Well I guess I’m gonna have to take my timeturner here and go back to that faithful day I took a knife to the heart for you. Hope your pie is worth Hell on Earth."

He’s joking, of course he’s joking. Maybe he’s just a little bit serious.

"Yeah, Death ain’t all that fun as they sell it out to be. But you’d know all about that, wouldn’t you?"